Natura Santa


Spring awakening

With the increasing warmness and insolation, nature and the garden awaken to new life. The green becomes lush again and the birds’ voices more abundant. The number of insects is also constantly increasing. The great bumblebee queens who have hibernated fly out and look for a suitable nesting opportunity. It is wonderful to witness this event and to feel the sun’s rays on your skin.

Almost every day I take a little tour through the garden and discover something new over and over again, which slowly peeps out of the ground. The variety of flora and fauna – only on this relatively small area – amazes me each time. I am particularly pleased to see plants sprouting from the previous year. Especially the abundantly planted bulbs, such as crocuses, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths blossom in succession. Closely followed by the currant and gooseberry shrub.

The grace of nature with its inexhaustible range of expressions lets me become silent and grasp the moment. A moment of timelessness, free from worries, thoughts and wishes.

In the following picture gallery you can find some snapshots from the last 2 weeks. Have a good time! 🙂

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