Recognizing the deception of communism

The current situation challenges every individual and society enormously. Reports about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are being broadcast around the clock, so to speak. The newspapers and the Internet are also full of them. China, which is under the rule of the communist regime, is once again harming the whole world with its cynical and lying behaviour, thus showing its true face. Time to take a look behind the scenes.

The epidemic takes its course

It is known that the outbreak of the virus started in Wuhan, China [4]. The first cases were already discovered at the end of November 2019. Some courageous Chinese doctors and journalists drew attention to this novel and dangerous pathogen at an early stage. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which controls every aspect of life and wastes vast sums of money on censorship etc., has deliberately suppressed this information [19]. Doctors who tried to warn the public were warned or even imprisoned [5][18]. Only when the situation could no longer be kept under control in mid-January it was made public. Valuable time has passed, during which no actions were taken by most countries. In these 30-40 days since the first warnings, people travelled to and from China without restrictions. Even the WHO, which is closely linked to the Chinese government [2], has not reacted for too long.

If the official figures are to be believed, China seems to have already overcome the crisis. At the peak of the outbreak, up to 80 cities in China were under total lockdown [3]. Among them were cities with 2-digit million inhabitants. In relation to the number of the population (around 1.4 billion), the measures taken have a very disproportionate high impact. Some reports also show a different picture of the situation. For example, the number of mobile phone users has fallen by about 21 million in the last 3 months [6] and the 24/7 operation of dozens of crematoria also leads to different conclusions [18]. How can this be explained?

Cynical and inhumane as the CCP is, it is now exporting its “success story” to the world and continuing to tell its lies. Unfortunately, many countries and media in the West allow themselves to be influenced by this and adopt the draconian measures and propaganda of the CCP [1] [11] [12].

The very nature of communism

In order to recognize and understand the nature of the CCP, one must look up the history books. Since events such as “the great leap forward” (1960s), the Cultural Revolution (1970s) and, in modern times, the oppression and persecution of Tibetans, Falun Gong, Uighurs and Christians, the CCP has had a total of 70 million people on its conscience. Mainly their own fellow countrymen. In modern times, the atrocities have even degenerated to such an extent that living prisoners are robbed of their organs which are then sold for profit; also on an international level [8][10][22].

Letters and texts of the founders as well as the supporters of communism are full of human hatred and class struggle. They aim to corrupt the traditional values of the people, destroy the family and are directed against life itself. This trait of struggle is continued with the party culture of the CCP. In the West, communism operates much more subtly in the form of socialism and various sub-streams. In terms of the stability of society, this makes it no less dangerous than ” true communism “. High taxes, for example, ultimately achieve the same goal, namely the abolition of private property. Other examples are extensive surveillance and censorship. Lenin himself defined socialism as a preliminary stage and preparation for communism. For decades it has been infiltrating the institutions and attracting and damaging young people in particular with its fantasies and confused values [20]. This has been happening for several generations.

China has an incredibly rich culture and history, where virtue has long been the foundation of society. Unfortunately, this was largely destroyed by the communist regime and replaced by a party culture that can only be equated with the devil. Favoured by globalisation and the greed of states and companies from the West, China has become an increasingly important trading partner over the years. However, the CCP controls all areas of the country with draconian measures and far-reaching censorship, as the behaviour in the current pandemic once again proves. Even in private companies, management positions are usually held by high-ranking CCP officials. Consequently, they are controlled by the CCP. Foreign companies that have branches or factories in China are also affected [33]. Not to mention the media and officially state-owned companies. Thus the international influence and pressure of the CCP (also in Switzerland) grew tremendously.

The situation in Switzerland

China is Switzerland’s third most important trading partner after the USA and the EU [7]. Switzerland was also the first European country to sign a far-reaching free trade agreement with China. As of 2017, 80 Swiss companies were in Chinese hands, including traditional companies such as Sigg and large corporations such as Syngenta [23]. The latter was bought by the Chinese state-owned company Chemchina for USD 43 billion [25]. UBS is investing in a Chinese company that manufactures video surveillance systems. The company is located in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, where up to one million Uighurs are estimated to be held in detention camps [29]. In addition, there is an inequality of opportunity between the two countries: the route for investments by Chinese companies in Switzerland and Europe is like a highway, but the route to China is like a footpath [26][24]. In addition to almost unrestricted economic cooperation, there is also strong cooperation in the areas of education, research and innovation [27][28]. Can this really contribute to the good of our Switzerland? At best in the short term and only supposedly.

In our country, too, the “Chinese model” of pandemic control has been implemented, which would not have been necessary in the first place without the weeks of cover-up by the CCP. The question arises as to whether the measures now taken are actually in proportion to the situation. According to the FOPH, 432 people have died of the virus so far (as of 02.04.2020) [30]. To compare: in 2017, 1,500 people died from influenza in Switzerland [31] and around 9,500 die each year due to smoking [32]. This is not to trivialize the situation, but to question whether the measures taken were really the right choice. What can be clearly stated, however, is that the social and economic damage caused is already enormous.

Telling good from evil

It is my conviction that good deeds will be rewarded with good and evil deeds with evil. A universal basic law/principle, as it is also part of all true religions and of traditional culture. Originally the laws in society were based on this principle. Unfortunately, many countries in the West have fallen for the honey traps and propaganda of the communist regime and have thus directly or indirectly got their hands dirty. The representatives of our country confuse neutrality with blind acceptance and thus tolerate the behaviour of the CCP. If one were to ask someone today whether he would like to do business with a mass murderer like Adolf Hitler, the answer of any reasonable person would be “no”. But the people are turning a blind eye to the atrocities of the CCP.

Another interesting observation is that states that have made particular friends with the CCP (e.g. Iran, Italy, Spain, Switzerland) are also more affected by the virus in terms of population size. Germany records the highest number of cases in the federal state of NRW. More than 1,000 Chinese companies are located there [13]. In northern Italy, where the outbreak has its epicentre in Europe, 4,000 Chinese companies are registered in the province of Prato alone and around 30,000 Chinese live there [15][19][21]. The situation in Switzerland has already been described above. China’s neighbouring countries such as Hong Kong or Taiwan, on the other hand, which clearly distance themselves from the CCP and its methods, have recorded relatively few cases [16][17]. Only a coincidence? It seems as if the virus follows the new Silk Road “one belt, one road”…

Taking position

The virus has been circulating around the globe since the beginning of December 2019. Probably there is hardly a corner where it has not yet “arrived”. Not every person gets it, even though they may have unknowingly carried it [9]. A balanced and calm mind has been proven to contribute to a strong immune system. I myself have been practicing Falun Gong meditation for several years, the main goal of which is to improve one’s character. In life one is guided by the values of truthfulness, kindness and forbearance. I almost always feel very awake and clear and I can’t remember the last time I was ill.

I think that this crisis will bring us as human beings and as humanity closer to the ground of reason again. If we can distinguish evil from good and return to our tradition, our values and our true nature, it was not in vain. But whoever does not clearly distinguish himself from the life-despising CCP and its communist ideology will perish with it. Sooner or later. Or in the words of Leonardo da Vinci: “He who does not punish evil orders that it be done”.

So let us use our time for the good!

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