Seealpsee hike; close to the stars

A photo hike around the Seealpsee with overnight stay under the clear starry sky and view of the Milky Way. On the second day I continued at dusk around Seealpsee and later on Ebenalp and Schäfler. From up there you had a wonderful view of the Vorarlberg Alps, Lake Constance and of course the Säntis.

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4-lake hike from Melchsee-Frutt to the Joch Pass (Central Switzerland)

Sunny southern slope, wonderful view above the timberline into the mountains, flower splendour and four deep blue mountain lakes. This is how today’s hike can be summed up in a few words. The route takes me from Sarnen to Stöckalp and from there up to Melchsee (“See” is the German word for “lake”), via Bonistock and Tannalp to the Joch Pass. From there it goes down to Engelberg. Besides Melchsee I pass Tannensee, Engstlensee and Trübsee. And I always have the mighty Titlis in my sights.

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Spring awakening

With the increasing warmness and insolation, nature and the garden awaken to new life. The green becomes lush again and the birds’ voices more abundant. The number of insects is also constantly increasing. The great bumblebee queens who have hibernated fly out and look for a suitable nesting opportunity. It is wonderful to witness this event and to feel the sun’s rays on your skin.

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book recommendation: "How The Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World"

Though the communist regimes of Eastern Europe have disintegrated, the evil specter of communism hasn’t disappeared. On the contrary, this evil specter is already ruling our world, and humanity must not harbor a mistaken sense of optimism.

Communism is neither a trend of thought, nor a doctrine, nor a failed attempt at a new way of ordering human affairs. Instead, it should be understood as a devil — an evil specter forged by hate, degeneracy, and other elemental forces in the universe. In another dimension, not visible to us, it took the form of a serpent, then that of a red dragon, and it keeps company with Satan, who hates God. It exploits low-level beings and demons to wreak havoc on humankind. The goal of the specter is to ruin humanity. While the divine offers salvation, communism tells people not to believe in the divine, attacks human morality so as to make people abandon tradition, and causes people to disregard God’s instruction and, ultimately, be destroyed.

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