Especially in “Corona times” fear is very common.
It lives in each of us. The question is whether we suppress it, even intensify it, or whether we separate from it.
This poem arose from compassion for all beings living in fear.

Fear is all about
it is nearly killing you

Where does the fear come from,
that you are afraid for your life?

You paint yourself a picture of the future
Gloomy, desolate. Full of unreasonableness

Fear lives solely from imagination
imbued with dark thoughts

Asking the question about the truth
Separate yourself from the false self

Insight is the first step
Give the lie a kick

It is a question of choice
End of life under agony

Fear is foreign to your true nature
You breathe freely without this iron shirt

hang up captivity in the tomorrow or yesterday up on the nail
Effortlessly receive life now in every moment

The new life conjures a smile on your lips
The wind whispers softly, the trees seesaw in the wind

Gratitude rises in your heart
“I am joy”. Things are looking up.

Lorenz Amstutz, 17.10.2020

Remark: In the original (German) the poem rhymes 😉

Image source:
Photo from Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

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