The natural antivirus program

Since my childhood my view on all diseases without exception has been the following: “Every disease has its cause in an interruption of the natural flow of intelligence! Diseases have their causes within us and must therefore be rectified within ourselves.

Lack of intelligence

Intelligence refers to the fact that everything functions harmoniously, in an orderly and correct manner. A lack of intelligence leads to a lack of understanding of the natural harmony of life and how to integrate into this harmony. The lives of these people are missing harmony with nature, the universe and the divine.

This failure of our natural intelligence is caused by fear and desire. It prevents a creative life and keeps us caught in habits and prejudices. Such people have no confidence in life, and they behave carelessly. They have a magical attraction to disease.

The life of a human being originally consists of pure consciousness, pure intelligence and pure bliss. But how many people can really experience this joy that is emanating from their own soul?

It may sound strange to some, but I can feel, hear and see the essence of the Wuhan Coronavirus. It is intelligent and it can only destroy people who meet certain criteria. Man must have lost his own true nature and be mentally weak. If a person is stronger than the virus, the virus is eliminated by the immune system. If a person is too weak, the virus will destroy him.

It is comparable to firewood, it can only burn when the wood is dry. The wetter it is, the less well it burns. If you are like water, you cannot burn. So my advice is: be like water 😊

Personal responsibility

The rules defined by politics are made by people. These rules serve to guide society how it should live, under the pretext that this serves the good of the community. The rules are the result of people’ s views, which are colored by different interests.

To hand over the responsibility for our lives to doctors and politicians is a very sick idea to me. Everybody has to bear the responsibility for himself, no matter how good the doctor or how strong the political power is. You cannot protect anyone from “time”. There are many doctors who have made mistakes and there are many political communities who have exercised state power and oppression against their own people. Who can protect you from sickness, old age and death?

On 16.03.2020 the Swiss Federal Council decided that we have to keep distance to each other. Because behind every person we meet there is the danger of being killed by an invisible ninja virus from Wuhan. Important, because you do not know who it is: protect yourself from every animal and human you meet. We will all die, the question is when? All and everything is dangerous, be on your guard and live in fear for the rest of your life. Well, that was a bit sarcastic, but there is also some truth to it.

The natural antivirus program

When we humans separate from our true selves, which is already perfect, we live in an illusion, a deception, a lie. We then begin to believe in this illusion more and more. Then we follow a lie. We follow the king of all lies, the devil. Another devil I do not know.

Instead of believing in our own consciousness, life energy, nature and the divine, we reduce ourselves to a weak, fearful and sick person. We did not create our life ourselves, why can we not live in humility, respect and gratitude towards our creator with every breath we take?

Why do we see ourselves as something that is separated from nature? Who can live without nature? Who can live without space, air, fire, water or earth? What makes a person healthy, alive and strong is the connection to his origin, his roots, to the divine and to his creator.

The antivirus program for 2020

  • Respect nature
  • Follow the laws of nature
  • Honor the old tradition and culture
  • Do not fear, be courageous

…and this virus can’t harm you.

About the author

Richard is a guest author at Natura Santa. You can find more about Richard on his website

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