S.O.S. – Save our Souls!

Matter is subject to the law of change. Without change, life would be dead boring. The physical body is transient. When a person identifies with his body and sensory perception alone, fear arises. We imagine things that we do not want and then fight against them. It isn’t the change that hurts us so much, but the opposition and clinging to the imaginary.

Overcoming the deception

All material things are limited and can therefore only give us limited and conditional joy. Striving for objects makes us restless and will never let us find peace. It is like holding a carrot in front of a donkey’s mouth. The donkey is constantly trying to reach the carrot. We too try endlessly to follow our conceptions of joy, but we can never find it. And if we do reach it, we realize after a short time that it was only for a brief moment. In the end all that remains is despair.

The physical human body is limited, small and fragile. When we are in danger, we instinctively try to protect and preserve it. Traditional martial arts is exactly the art that deals with this matter.

Consciousness on the other hand is not composed of physical matter. It is not located in space and time. Consequently, it cannot be destroyed by something that exists in space and time and is made of matter. If we can acknowledge ourselves as pure consciousness and infallible intelligence, we become fearless, timeless and indestructible.

Back to the origin

The decay of mankind begins when it can no longer acknowledge its divine origin. Our consciousness, intelligence, vitality, thought power, perceptive power, sensory power, bodily functions, cells, molecules, atoms – everything works completely automatically and by nature. It is a perfect divine order. Everything functions perfectly and seamlessly until we humans disturb it with our beliefs, convictions, ideas, expectations and thoughts.

It is therefore our greatest responsibility to consciously cultivate our thoughts, words and deeds. All suffering and all pain is created by the illusion of lack of love and recognition. As long as we seek these things on the outside, we cannot find them on the inside.

Our values determine our views. Our views color our thoughts. As we think we feel and as we feel we think. With our thoughts and feelings we shape the world. Therefore choose your values attentively and wisely.

Richard Kleinert, August 2020

The true nature of a human being is created out of truth, compassion and forbearance. Just as water is wet by nature, so life is joy by nature. When we let go of striving and begin to cultivate our character, we find back to the truth, back to the origin.

Just as it is on the inside, so it is on the outside; autoimmune diseases develop when our immune system – our defense system – can no longer distinguish good from bad. If we humans can no longer tell good from evil, then our soul is in great danger.

May all beings awaken and find the light of their true nature.

About the author

Richard is a guest author at Natura Santa. Link to the original text on Richard’s website: https://ziran-kungfu.ch/en/sos/.

Cover Image: © Mango – stock.adobe.com

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