Orientation in uncertain times

What does a compass in an airplane have to do with spirituality, values or even belief in the divine? How do my sources of information relate to my assessment of the current global situation? What is the “Corona pandemic” trying to tell me? Is it true that every crisis is also an opportunity? Can I use it to review my values and the stability of my spiritual foundation? We will explore these and other questions in this article. With helpful information we want to inspire and contribute to mastering the challenging situation.
Our message: Trust, hope and courage are valuable ingredients for a recipe for success.

A reliable compass is crucial

Despite the many electronic aids in today’s aircraft, a magnetic compass can still be found in every cockpit. It is used for navigation and enables to determine the desired direction even when the visibility is obscured or the modern devices give up their ghost.

(Image source: Photo by Blake Guidry on Unsplash)

Hikers who venture into impassable new territory also rely on the compass as a trustworthy companion for orientation.

(Bildquelle: Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash)

What is the reference of a magnetic compass? It aligns itself with the invisible earth’s magnetic field and thus allows us to determine the magnetic north direction and from it all other cardinal directions.

This brings us to a central point: A pilot blindly trusts his instruments and the air traffic controller to reach the destination safely. In addition to solid training and experience, trust, hope and courage allow the pilot to keep a calm heart. The opposite would be a pilot full of mistrust, fear and despondency, who would probably have a restless heart as a result.
Insight therefore: there are things, which we can neither see nor touch. But nevertheless, they exist and we trust them.


We are currently experiencing uncertain and turbulent times. How we get through them depends on several factors. Here we would like to look at two of them:

  • How do I assess the situation? What determines my view of things?
  • What are my “earth magnetic lines” where I can align and orient myself according to them?

How do I assess the situation?
Experiences made, together with education and school form to a large extent our views and opinions. How we judge situations and people depends on these views. A view is like a pair of glasses through which I look at something. Depending on how well the glasses fit me, they can give me a clear or a blurred view of things.
Besides all this, what sources of information I tap when it comes to assessing a situation is of key importance.
For example, I ask someone for directions: One person knows the way well and can explain it to me precisely – I get to my destination. Or I ask someone who has no idea. But he is blessed with a flourishing and convincing sounding imagination. The second variant will hardly bring me to the destination.
It is the same with the media (newspapers, TV, social media, etc.). Depending on the source, we will think differently about a matter after we have informed ourselves.

Which are my “earth magnetic lines”?
a) Science?
Modern, progressive people like to emphasize that they believe only what they can see and touch; that they have overcome the supposedly antiquated belief in the divine. They like to believe in science. They want to express that they have gone beyond faith and have now arrived at knowledge. What does knowledge mean? I do know something when I have had deep experiences, have internalized something, and I simply know it in my heart. Or in other words: The mind believes – the heart knows.
On closer examination, however, science turns out to be something that changes and is therefore not really stable. Otherwise modern machines could not be developed, if science would still be on the level as 300 years ago. A true scientist will never claim that he has now discovered the final truth. He would thereby limit both his own further development and that of the coming generation. Thus, in relation to science, knowledge means: Believing in the current state of knowledge.
In some, today current topics like e.g. ecologism, it seems rather that science has become a “faith”-society. So, a kind of religion.
It is therefore inappropriate for believers in science, for example, to look down on people who believe in the divine. Both believe something – although something different.

b) Feelings?
Others say, “I rely on my feelings. Then I am free from influence. Feelings are my inner compass”. On closer inspection, unfortunately, this also turns out to be a house of cards. Feelings are a volatile matter. Examples? Even a glass of wine can influence feelings because it changes our perception. We let ourselves be influenced by the appearance of the other person (pretty, ugly) and develop different feelings depending on it. Advertising also strongly influences our feelings.
We can see then: feelings are not really suitable as a compass. It seems that material things and orienting ourselves on external circumstances are not suitable to find the way.

Image source: Photo by Robin Glauser on Unsplash

So what then is suitable as a navigational aid in life?

Science and feelings fall away, as we have seen above. Further, we have recognized that things exist which we cannot see with our eyes, but nevertheless we can count on them and use them. The same is true for spirituality or belief in the divine, for example. We cannot touch it but we can experience that there is more than the very physical.
It is worthwhile in life to choose values as guidelines, which endure and are independent of external influences. For example, universal values such as truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. Some discover for themselves a spiritual path, which helps them, for example, to improve their character and to bring more peace into their lives. Others follow a religion with their faith in God.
If we have the will to remember our foundation (our values) again and again, nothing stands in the way of a life with more inner peace and less fear. However, it is like driving a car: we must constantly have the desire to stay on the road and steer accordingly. If we forgo steering or suffer a microsleep, sooner or later we will end up in the ditch.
Finally, it is also about the caring of our culture. Because culture includes as an essential factor the nurturing of the connection of the earthly with the heavenly. Cultures that began to deny or neglect this connection were all wiped out – no matter how great they once had been.

For those who would like to read more about fascinating topics of life, our website offers a selection of interesting articles, which provide inspiration for lived values and spiritual clarity.

Natura Santa

On the current situation

Many people are suffering directly or indirectly from the “Coronavirus pandemic”. But every suffering is also an opportunity. Because it enables us to check our value system and our spiritual foundation for storm suitability and to make corrections if necessary.
Not only science in ancient China, but also in our culture, teaches us that a calm mind, trust and thus a life with less fear are good for physical health. Healing proceeds more positively when we go through life full of courage and hope, or diseases may not even invade. This is especially true in the current situation. The challenge does not simply disappear. But it can certainly be mastered better than if we subject ourselves to collective fear.
Taking a historical look back can provide us with a clearer understanding of what this pandemic is trying to tell us and what lessons we might learn from it: “When the Plague Arrives” on YouTube:

Information sources

Let’s take a look at important sources when it comes to informing ourselves: the media. By media we mean newspapers, television, radio and social media. Do we choose media that create and disseminate information according to the prevailing/predetermined opinions of the state or society? Or do we choose media that are committed to the truth and report as truthfully and independently of political agendas as possible? Do I believe everything just because it is printed on paper?

Especially during the “Coronavirus pandemic,” it became apparent that the media landscape has become increasingly uniform. An estimated 95% of the media follow a single opinion and publish more or less the same reports on the same topics. Better said, they publish opinions – not reports. This has to do with the fact that journalism today functions more as an educator and whip. Similar to what we know from dictatorial countries, where state media have a central task in spreading propaganda. After all, the goal is to keep people in line and in check.
We don’t have state media with us, but self-censorship and the pursuit of political agendas leads to the same result in the end. Why political agenda? It is becoming more and more obvious that the majority of media owners represent a socialist or leftist mindset and they bring this mindset to the people as “information” by using their platform. With some media houses this happens apparently consciously, with others there is still now and then a journalistic, courageous or revealing contribution to read. Journalism is the collection, weighting and processing of information – regardless of whether it corresponds to one’s own opinion or not. This knowledge seems to have been lost among many media professionals.
If you want to learn more about this creeping but increasingly obvious imbalance in the media landscape, we recommend the book “How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World” (see further down). There is a separate chapter devoted to the infiltration of the media.

Yet a few personal experiences with social media in recent months. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are wielding the censorship-club ever more brazenly. Anything that doesn’t correspond to their political agenda is presented as a lie. People are blocked, videos deleted or censored. What used to be the pillory in the town square now takes place virtually on the Internet. Anyone who doesn’t toe the line gets a “pillory sign” hung around their neck. There is a preference for throwing around killer words like “Nazi”, “liar”, “conspirator” etc. These terms imply something like: “I don’t even bother with someone like that anymore: subhuman being”.

Today, so-called fact-checkers examine whether and how one is allowed to say or write something. What is intriguing is that not only the methods of censorship are willingly adopted from communist China. It is also exciting to follow who finances these fact-checking companies. Here too, you end up with companies like ByteDance, which has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This also explains why certain opinions are no longer allowed.
Freedom of belief and opinion good bye? It depends on us whether we let ourselves be fobbed off with this or whether we start asking questions again, think for ourselves and choose our media carefully.

When looking for information sources and assessing them, a few hints are helpful: follow the money (he who pays commands) and what values do the owners of the media houses represent. This will lead us rather quickly to the right choice, which is by nature a personal matter and will therefore vary.
It is true that a solid choice of media is somewhat laborious. But if we want to keep our self-determination and freedom, this is the only possibility. Personal responsibility also applies to the choice of media.

Natura Santa Media Recommendations

We at Natura Santa recommend some media and channels that are dedicated to truth and tradition. Even in the face of strong headwinds, they have remained committed to their motto to this day:

Independent media:

Other recommended channels:

Book Recommendation:
«How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World»

We recommend this book because, thanks to profound analysis, it reveals the background to today’s chaotic situation. But the book also shows ways out of the crisis. Very likely one of the most important books today.

More info about the book here:

The book is also available to read, listen and watch (special TV adaptation) online for free:

Also available from the larger podcast apps and as Kindle-edition on Amazon.com.

An opportunity for doing something good: sign an online petition

Many have a sincere desire to do good and help people. But it is not always so easy, because good and evil are often twisted today. What sounds good may not necessarily be good. What sounds bad may not necessarily be bad. Let us therefore begin with something simple. Anyone who has studied history and dealt with the issue of human rights knows that no other organization has brought as much suffering to humanity as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). By wishing for an end to this horror, we are helping to save lives and sending a clear message for good and against evil.
More info on the petition and a helpful video here: endccp.com


Choosing the right compass and checking it regularly is crucial. So is the choice of the reference to which the compass should be aligned. Independent and (self-)critical thinking helps. Let us again allow ourselves to engage with the invisible, the divine, and reconnect with the source.
The desire in the heart to courageously and trustingly follow the truth leads to more peace and less fear. This is good for mental and physical health – but also for the moral level of humanity.
It is also crucial that we look for sources of information that we can trust. Just because (almost) everyone holds one opinion does not necessarily make it right and true.

We at Natura Santa wish you and your loved ones a restful, reflective holiday season and that you may start the new year full of confidence, hope and courage.

Jan / Lorenz

Cover: © Photo by Himesh Kumar Behera on Unsplash

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book recommendation: "How The Specter Of Communism Is Ruling Our World"

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